ciri ayam birma

The contents ciri ayam birma area unit, “Mas Yulianto, we tend to prove United Nations agency is wrong and United Nations agency is true.Who is skilled and United Nations agency area unit thugs you want to keep in mind that power won’t last.I went into politics, among others, one amongst the causes would be to combat law help The capricious, the transactional United Nations agency likes the abuse of power.Noted my words here, i need to be the pinnacle of this country, wherever is that the time for land to be cleansed up. ”

Yulianto at first neglected the message. However, on January seven and January nine, 2016, he got a message once more, this point via the WhatsApp chat app, from constant range.

The contents of the message area unit constant, just added, “Poor poor individuals, whereas different countries area unit growing and progressing.”

After checking, Yulianto simbiosis parasitisme was certain that the short message was sent by Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

On that basi, Yulianto reported  Hary to the Police Crime Alert on the alleged violation of Article twenty nine of Law range eleven Year 2008 on Electronic dealings data (ITE).

The Yulianto Police report (LP) is registered with phonograph recording / a hundred / I / 2016 / Bareskrim range.


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